Full Service 4x4 Shop Serving the Greater Seattle Area


We at Extreme Options Fabrication offer a wide variety of services for your 4X4 vehicles. When it comes to the servicing of 4x4's, our technicians are experts. We provide offroad retail products and 4x4 fabrication.

Our services include:

  • Full tube chassis
  • Custom suspension
  • Custom motor swaps
  • Rock sliders
  • Roll Cages
  • Bumpers
  • In-House Parts Accessories

4X4 vehicles should be kept in their best condition to conquer hilly and rough terrain. Being offroad and 4x4 fabrication shop, we strive to make your visions a reality. A customized off road 4x4 truck always stands out in the crowd. So, you definitely can get your truck, jeep, & SUV customized  to suit your personality locally.

With us, a person can be sure that his 4x4 is in the right hands. Being an owner operated offroad/fabrication and welding services shop, we always complete our work on time and in the most professional manner.

The next time you are looking for a shop for your 4x4, remember that we are one of the best metal and steel fabricators in the Pacific Northwest.

Custom Fabrication for Seattle Off Road Vehicles


We are a 4x4 fabrication company that is dedicated to working for the retail, commercial and automotive industry. No matter what the project is, we provide excellent services related to fabrication.

Our technicians in the fabrication and welding services department are focused on providing on time services to our customers.

Being available 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday, we are able to carry out 4x4 fabrication and welding services in the best possible manner.

So if you are planning to get your off road truck fabricated so that it looks more aggressive, always remember to consult the experts.

Services related to fabrication are offered by a large number of companies. However, the original part should be used for the process of customization.

Our fabrication and welding services feature:

  • 5-day a week availability
  • Maximum customization
  • Incorporation of original parts

Welding Services for Small or Large Seattle Welding Projects


Since 2007, we have evolved as one of the most trusted companies in the 4x4 fabrication/welding service industry. We are a performance driven company and have thus gained the trust of our customers.

Our welders are experts in offering:

  • Dual shield welding services
  • Tungsten inert gas welding services
  • Metal inert gas welding services

Our welders are well versed in their job and are committed to provide professional welding services for each customer and 4x4 we see.

Contact us at Extreme Options Fabrication to find more about the fabrication and welding services we can provide. Call us today at 360-284-4355 or 888-284-4403.