Suspension Repair Tacoma


You may be wondering when you should go ahead and undertake suspension repair near Tacoma, WA for your shocks and struts. In case you notice poor steering response you need to consider getting our Tacoma suspension repair done as soon as possible.

Another aspect is if your steering performance is stiff, it would necessitate our Tacoma suspension repair. We ensure that we do a complete check with the latest tools and equipment whenever you come to our Tacoma suspension repair, thereby enhancing your safety.

For reliable Tacoma suspension repair services, we are one of the best in the industry. We are confident that you will recommend Extreme Options Fabrication to those looking for:

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Suspension Repairs Tacoma


If your car sways or leans when turning or changing lanes, you should consider our Tacoma suspension repairs service. Choose our Tacoma suspension repairs in case your vehicle bounces excessively when driving.

One major reason for accidents is when people do not immediately come to us for Tacoma suspension repairs. People will notice that their braking performance is unstable, but they don’t do something immediately about it. If you are unsure whether you should come to our shop, its best to be safe and come in. We offer Tacoma suspension repairs and we can assess your vehicle to see if that is necessary.

For efficient Tacoma suspension repairs, we are your best bet. We provide you:

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Truck Suspension Repair Tacoma


When you need to tow something heavy, modifying your suspension with our Tacoma truck suspension repair can go a long way towards making that process much easier. You will see that air springs, leaf springs and bump stops are all adding to our Tacoma truck suspension repair requirements.

During our Tacoma suspension repair, we are able to do useful upgrades for your truck suspensions. When you use our leveling kit during our Tacoma truck suspension repair, you can add new tires that are bigger than the ones available with the factory model suspension.

For availing the latest techniques and tools while doing Tacoma truck suspension repair, we are your best bet. We offer:

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