Lakewood Off Road Bumpers


Are you one of those motorists who love getting custom off road bumpers in the Lakewood, WA area to make their 4x4 jeep or truck stand out from the other vehicles? If yes, then make your first stop at Extreme Options Fabrication for the exclusive addition you want made to your beloved ride.

Actually, we offer off road bumpers for Lakewood vehicles to suit all purposes. People come to us to buy off road bumpers to add style to their Lakewood 4x4 or truck. They also come to us to improve the functionality of the vehicle or to do both.

We offer a large selection of aftermarket off road bumpers in the Lakewood area.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirement for:

  • Off road front bumper
  • Off road rear bumper
  • Off road truck bumpers
  • 3rd gen 4runner bumper

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Lakewood Winch Bumper


One of the most highly sought-after automotive upgrades for off-roaders at our shop is a winch bumper for Lakewood vehicles. Do not waste your time elsewhere and get in touch with us right away if you want to replace the factory-fitted bumper of your Lakewood vehicle with a heavy-duty front bumper that has a built-in winch carrier.

There are several benefits to adding a winch bumper to your Lakewood off road vehicle. A winch-ready bumper comes in quite handy when you are in a situation where it is necessary to drag an obstruction out of the way or haul another vehicle to safety.

We offer winch front bumpers in the Lakewood area for many popular vehicles. Come to us for:

  • Toyota winch bumper
  • Jeep winch bumper
  • Tundra winch bumper
  • FJ Cruiser winch mount

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Lakewood Front Winch Bumper


We strive to offer top-class products to our customers for a front winch bumper in the Lakewood area. Every front winch bumper picked up by Lakewood motorists from us is made from high-grade metal with seamless weld quality.

You can also count on us to ensure that the front winch bumper for your Lakewood off-roader meets the precise specifications given. We are indeed the go-to experts in the Lakewood area for a front winch bumper that offers great value for money.

Contact us today to order your:

  • 4runner steel bumper
  • Truck winch bumpers
  • Front steel bumper
  • Front bumper FJ Cruiser
  • Toyota tube bumper

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